Three FAQs about hardwood refinishing

Three FAQs about hardwood refinishing

If you have wood floors, you'll need wood floor refinishing services at some point. And you'll love everything it accomplishes throughout your home.

If you've never refinished your floors, this is a great time to learn more about the process. Here are three FAQs that will help you understand more.

Frequently asked questions about wood floor refinishing

1. How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

The service time can vary based on a few things. For example, the size of your remodel and unique architectural features could affect the remodel.

On average, you should expect to set aside three to five days for the hardwood floor refinishing service. But we'll give you an accurate estimate once we assess your floors.

2. Can I change my stain color during refinishing?

Yes, you can choose an all-new color for your flooring. You can also choose a new finish type and texture for a new look.

Some homeowners change their look due to decor changes or personal preferences. And we'll talk about all your options while you're here.

3. Do we have to vacate our home during the wood floor refinishing process?

It is best to plan your vacation to coincide with the refinishing process. Sanding floors, finishing, and sealant can create poor air quality.

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